The mission of the Gdansk Library

The mission of the Gdansk Library, an auxiliary scientific unit of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, is to protect the cultural heritage entrusted to it, and simultaneously to provide library and reference services marked by the best possible quality with a view to the satisfaction of the users’ scientific needs, as well as active support of research and educational processes.

The mission is carried out through:
    • the acquisition of collections consistent with the Library’s profile and the needs of its users;
    • the cataloguing and indexing of the collections, and making them available together with scientific databases and resources of digital libraries;
    • our own research;
    • the organisation of scientific resources for researchers;
    • the management of knowledge for users;
    • the continuous improvement of our employees’ qualifications.

    Scentific Council: dr Aleksander Baliński, prof. dr hab. Grażyna Borkowska (chairman), Beata Gryzio, Ewa Kobierska–Maciuszko, dr Krzysztof Nierzwicki, prof. dr hab. Mieczysław Nurek, dr hab. Waldemar Ossowski prof. UG, dr Maria Pelczar, Wanda Pętlicka, Stefania Sychta, dr Zofia Tylewska–Ostrowska, dr Anna Walczak, prof. dr hab. Jarosław Włodarczyk.