Libri Gedanenses

Libri Gedanenses

Libri Gedanenses

Libri Gedanenses is a scientific publication of the Gdansk PAN Library – a journal constituting a forum for the presentation of the collections and activity of our library. Issued since 1968, the periodical, founded as the first bibliological journal in the Tri-City, was fathered and created by dr Marian Pelczar, a long-standing head of the Library.

The scientific activity of the Gdansk Library is directed at the gradual exploration of the Gdansk world of the book, with a view to the development of an opus magnum of the book culture. Libri Gedanenses presents the achievements both of the employees of the Library and authors from other scientific centres, in line with the adopted profile of the periodical adopted by its Programme Board.

Between 1976 and 1991, Libri Gedanenses was combined with Rocznik Gdańsk [the Gdansk Annual]. What has always remained unchanged is the inspiration for the illustration of its cover – a reproduction of a 17th century print presenting the interior of the Library of the Gdansk City Council which was established in 1596, and which is a predecessor of the Gdansk PAN Library.

Editorial Board

  • prof. Krzysztof Migoń,
  • dr Maria Pelczar,
  • prof. Guido Vannini (Università degli Studi di Firenze)


Editorial Committee

  • dr Aleksander Baliński (redaktor),
  • Wanda Pętlicka (sekretarz),
  • dr Zofia Tylewska-Ostrowska,
  • dr Anna Walczak (przewodnicząca)


© Copyright by Polska Akademia Nauk Biblioteka Gdańska

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Libri Gedanenses’s editorial address

Polska Akademia Nauk Biblioteka Gdańska
80-858 Gdańsk, ul. Wałowa 15

Information for authors

Libri Gedanenses publishes only original materials – texts that have not yet been printed in any other periodical or collective work.
The submitted texts undergo a double blind review process. Each of them is reviewed by two reviewers selected from among appropriate specialists. The basic evaluation criteria include: consistence of the topic with the profile of the journal, science of the paper, its logical organization, and linguistic form. Papers are accepted for publication by the Editorial Committee. Authors receive no fee. Authors transfer their proprietary copyrights to the published texts to Gdansk PAN Library and authorise the publisher to permit the exercise of the related rights.
The Editorial Committee of Libri Gedanenses kindly asks authors to comply with the guidelines ruling the preparation and submission of materials for publication that are presented below.
Texts should be prepared in WORD in the RTF format. Papers should not have more than 48,000 characters (spaces inclusive). Text formatting: font Times New Roman 12, line spacing 1.5 points, no justification; formatting of footnotes, including bibliographic ones: font Times New Roman 10, line spacing 1.5 points, no justification, illustrations in the TIFF format, 600 dpi. Illustrations should be accompanied by information on copyright owners and authors of the photographs.
Texts should be submitted in an electronic form to the editorial address.
Authors are asked to include a separate page containing the title of the text, its author’s name, academic/professional title/degree, current place of work, and e-mail address, plus optionally the address for correspondence. Also, an author’s abstract of up to 1,000 characters (spaces inclusive) and 5-7 keywords in the Polish language should be provided with every paper.
The Editorial Committee accepts solely materials which are prepared in consistence with the above guidelines and reserves the right to introduce changes and shorten the texts in consultation with the Author. The submitted materials shall not be returned.